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Garage door repairs can be costly, time-consuming and unreliable. Reduce the cost and frequency of such repairs with A Charlie Garage Door Service competitive pricing, highly qualified service personnel, and fully stocked service vehicles. Our fully equipped serviced vehicle will quickly arrive at your home, and before you know it, your garage door is working like new. EXPERIENCE – Our service technicians are highly trained, professional, and knowledgeable so your opener or garage door repair will be done to your satisfaction. 

RELIABILITY – We show up when we say we will (usually the same day), 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You never know when you might need a garage door repair or garage door opener repair. If the garage door spring or cable breaks or if your opener acts up, no matter what the reason, you need someone out there in a hurry. Call us and you can be assured that we will show up and on time.

"Fast service, competitive prices. A- Charlie's Garage Doors prices were better than the other garage door companies. Their repair times wee flexible to fit my schedule. Call them if you need a new garage door."

- Chuck R.

What We Offer

Garage doors are integral to your home in just the way any other door is. However, garage doors are often overlooked and their maintenance ignored. Garage doors have to perform day after day tirelessly. In fact, they are the first one to welcome you home after a tiring day at the office. So, why ignore their regular servicing and maintenance. Call our experts for a quick repair, maintenance, and replacement of garage door springs. Garage Door Maintenance In order to avoid a breakdown in the operation of your garage door, it’s important to have your door serviced and adjusted on a regular basis. Our Seasonal Maintenance Special will help to extend the life of your garage door and ensure that it’s operating safely, and proper! ▪Re-balance Garage Door ▪Tighten Springs and Adjusting ▪Lubricate Hinges and Springs ▪Inspect Garage Door Opener


Trust A Charlie Garage Door Service in Channelview. What are you waiting for, give us a call today at (281) 869-3447 Nights and weekend appointments available at no extra cost. 24hr Emergency service. Contact us to get your garage door fixed today!


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